General Terms and Conditions

Lease Agreement
The lease agreement is stipulated between Rosalinda Burch and the guest that must provide the following personal data: Name, city of residence and itinerary.

Booking requests can be made by e-mail or telephone.

Booking Confirmation
The apartment manager will send the applicant and e-mail or phone call to confirm availability. The guest must respond by returning an e-mail within 48 hours after availability confirmation.

The place can be reserve with $100.00 Through PayPal, western Union or bank account deposit.

Cancellation Policy
In case of booking cancellation we will apply the following provisions:
Up to 14 days before arrival date there will be no refundable deposit.
Before 21 days the refund will be 50%
Before 1 month the refund will be 100%

The rates indicate the apartment price:
One bedroom maximum 1-2 people (One week $320.00) (One month $1080.00)
Two bedrooms maximum 2-4 people (One week $340.00) (One month $1110.00)
Three bedroom maximum 4-6 people (One week $380.00) (One month $1130.00)

Minimum Rental Stay
A minimum of 6 nights applies to all bookings. In special cases, the apartment manager reserves the right to accept different stay reservations.

Check in / Check out
My Apartments does not offer a reception 24 hours a day. In order to organize the check-in, the guest must inform the Apartment manager about the arrival time expected.
The check in time is very flexible, the checkout is before 1:00 p.m. but you can do special arrangement with the owner.

We require an itinerary in order to know the time and date of the arrival. We ask the guest to come directly from the airport; the manager will be waiting for you.

You can visit family and friends after your arrival to the apartment. This applies specially to the late hours of the day.

Security Deposit
$200.00 security deposit is required. Any damages or breakages caused to the apartment or the building will be deducted from the deposit.

The number of persons (4) permitted in the apartment rented does not exceed the maximum established in the description as it appears on the site or on other advertising.

Safety of your values
The apartments has a safety box for your values. The apartment is not responsible for loss of cash, documents, valuables left in the apartment.

Housekeeping – Maintenance
The apartment will be delivered clean. Each guest is responsible for the cleaning of the apartment while staying in the place.

The Trash
There are trash boxes in the area, please ask the manager where to dispose the trash.

The person who signs the booking is responsible for the proper and decent behavior of all guests who will be using the apartment. If one or more guests behave not correctly, the apartment manager will immediately require the guest to leave the apartment.

Noise and Parties
We don’t allow making parties with loud music. The neighbors will call the police and you will be asking to pay a fine.
We don’t allow putting balloons or decorations in the wall. If you do, we will deduct $100.00 from the security deposit.

It is prohibit making copies of the keys. The loss of any key that belongs to the main gate will be $50.00, to main door of the apartment will be $10.00 and the loss of the security deposit box key will be $60.00.

Knowledge of General Conditions involves its acceptance without reservation.